Make a difference of value

Small differences from day to day make a big difference in life.


Most reliable tap water
For my family and children.

Start a healthy day with DailyCha-E's Vitamin Multi-Filter Shower.


DailyCha-E offers the best filter shower head
you're looking for.

DailyCha-E is a brand that focuses on tap water that we use every day.

A product that makes a difference
in material, function, and design of the product.

With a different level of filter ability and vitamin shower
from Vitapresso Vitamin Shower Capsule,
It provides you and your loved family with a new paradigm of shower culture.


  • BPA-Free 2in1 antibacterial water purification
    multi-filter shower
    (compatible with antibacterial water ACF & vitamin capsule)

    It is a product that has received strict KC certification (water management law).
    You can have a clean and safe shower like a water purifier.

  • Love me most vitamin shower enhancement
    set BPA-free filter shower

    Change the fragrant Vitapresso Vitamin Moisturizing Filter and Antimicrobial Integer ACF Filter according to your mood of the day.

  • Sediment Filter, Pack of 3, First Step Filter

    Primary filtering of rust and impuritiese


DailyCha-E manufactures products based on PCTG
without releasing environmental hormones harmful to children.

We are researching and developing products that provide differences in value with different ideas.


DailyCha-E will continue to make efforts to supply safe and healthy products

for our family and humanity.